Thursday, May 26, 2005

Angel Progress

This week I have made excellent progress on my Dreamsicles Angel. I have kept track of the time I have stitched on her but I haven't added up the total time. I felt a little discouraged when I added it up last time and compared the time to my progress so Ihave decided to wait until I am completely finished before I add up the hours. I am about 50 percent done with the stitching. I have the wings, the flower crown, and a small portion of the forehead to finish. I am not to happy with the color of the wings. The pattern calls for a blend of 746/3047 floss however, I think those colors are too yellow and should have been a more golden color. Other than that it is coming along great.

Since summer vacation has arrived my 2 daughters, Krissy and Allie, have decided that they want to do some cross stitching. Now as a stitcher I am happy to see that they are interested in learning but as a mother it is worse than walking across a bed of hot coals. I will be the first to tell someone that it is hard for me to teach stitching to a child and especially my two girls! I know that they will enjoy it for the rest of their lives but my nerves wont last forever.

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