Friday, August 01, 2008

July/August Goals

July Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie-Yes!

2. Work on Unicorn-Yes!

3. Work on Summer's Magic SAL-Yes!

4. Work on Allie's Quilt-Yes!

5. Finish Mine All Mine-Yes!

6. Finish "B" Quilt-Yes!

7. Start on Chris RR-Yes!
8. Start on Winter Fun on Ice stocking-Yes!

9. Start "B" afghan-Yes and No. I started it but I had to rip out every single stitch so I am right back at the beginning.

August Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie.

2. Work on Unicorn.

3. Work on Summer's Magic SAL.

4. Work on Winter Fun on Ice stocking.

5. Finish and Mail Chris RR.

6. Work on Allie's Quilt.

7. Start "B" afghan (again!).

Here is the start on Baby B's stocking, Winter Fun on Ice by Linda Gillum. Even though I thought penguins were black and white this little guy has turned out to be pretty cute. :)

I want to thank Cindy for giving me this award

and I want to thank Charlene and Beth for this award. Thank you ladies!! I am truly honored.:)

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2) Add a link to the person who awarded you

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I have several blogs that I read that qualify for these awards! It is just too hard to narrow it down to a few so I am nominating everyone who reads my blog for these awards.

Enjoy your weekend!


Unknown said...

That little penguin is too cute! Congratulations on your awards!

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is one very cute penguin.