Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Good Check Up

My appointment with Dr. H went great yesterday! We actually have somewhat of an idea of how we are going to approach this delivery. I have to admit I was really hoping to be able to delivery naturally but that isn't going to happen. :( I'm going to have a C-section. I had one with Mac but I was given general anesthesia so I wasn't awake during the procedure. However, this time (unless an emergency) I will be given a spinal block. This absolutely terrifies me!! There is something about the idea of a needle being near my spine that doesn't sit well with me.

If everything keeps going well and there is no problems the little one will be arriving here around October 25. A Halloween baby.:) That is only 10 weeks to go!

As for stitching, well, I haven't done any this week. I am hoping now that the flood of doctor's appointments are over with (for at least 2 weeks) that I can settle down and get some stitching done.


Sue said...

Dawn ~ I'm glad that you were pleased with both of your doctor's appointments. It sounds like you're in pretty good spirits too. I've been praying and will keep you on my list ;)

Becky K in OK said...

So glad to hear your appts. went well. Tell the little one to hang on until the 29th. We can share birthdates!