Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Start

I admit it, I have no will power! I ended up starting a new piece on Wednesday. This one is called Pumpkin Pete from The Trilogy. I'm stitching it using DMC floss but quickly came to the realization that this design really does need to be stitched with the overdyed floss.

Tomorrow I officially turn 29 weeks pregnant which means for the next week I will be a complete wreck. When I had Mac at 29 weeks it was touch and go for the first few days but he was a fighter and 8 weeks later he got to come home from the NICU. While I know that the little one would be able to survive with medical help if she were to arrive now, I just hope she isn't as impatient to greet the world as Mac was at 29 weeks.

Everything seems to be going smooth right now. The little one's kicks are just little nudges anymore. They are full force kicks and blows! She actually woke me up the other night with a kick so hard that made me jump, which of course, scared Mike awake. The medicine I am taking for acid reflux has seemed to help quite a bit. Although, I am still dealing with morning sickness. :( It has calmed down just a little and the worst is for the first hour after I get up in the mornings. It is a good thing we have 2 bathrooms otherwise the kids would be late getting to school!

We don't have any major plans for this Labor Day weekend. I'm sure that is bound to change once the kids get home!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin Pete is adorable!

Sounds like you may be growing a budding soccer player. LOL Tell her wait a bit --- it's too hot to play outside right now.

Dawn B. said...

Glad you stuck with working on the fairy. She is comming along nice. Love the new start as well.

Von said...

Dawn, stay relaxed this week! This little girl is going to keep a kicking from inside for a good long while. :D

Chiloe said...

Cute little start ;)

I also hope the baby will wait to make her grand entrance to ther world ;-)