Wednesday, April 02, 2008

SBQ's and Shopping

This week's SBQ is recycled from January 4, 2005 and is:

After you stitch a pattern or kit, what do you do with it?

I am a pack rat when it comes to my crafts! I generally keep every single pattern I stitch with the exception of some I have passed on to friends.

This week's SBQ is:

When you stitch a pattern that you have downloaded do you print out the pattern or do you stitch directly from your computer screen?

I always print out my patterns to work from. I have to start in the center of a design (large or small!) so I have to mark on my pattern where I start from. I have tried to stitch from the computer screen and it has worked out okay but I am much more comfortable using a printed out sheet.

I was really, really hoping to be able to work on Topaz Fairie but that is just not meant to be this week. I stopped by my LNS to see if my Kreinik order had arrived. It did BUT (there is always a but) the owner had sold it to another lady earlier in the day. I was a little irritated as I didn't just order 1 or 2 spools...I ordered 12 spools!! grrr

So, I decided to bury my head in my stitching.:) I just love this piece!

I will probably work on this one some more today after I get the morning errands done. I have to go shirt shopping for Mac. After his surgery on Friday he has to wear button up shirts until his incision is healed. This ought to be interesting since Mac is a T-shirt kind of boy.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Your LNS "SOLD" a product you had specifically ordered? I would have had a hissy-fit for sure!

Hope Mac's surgery goes easily for him.

Kim B said...

I would have been irritated also! She should have ordered what the other woman wanted - not given her what you had been waiting for!

Hope Mac's surgery and recovery go well.

Chiloe said...

can't be believe a LNS will do that ... Hope she apologized and will offer you a discount when you'll get your order ;)

Anonymous said...

I bet Mac will adjust to button-down shirts. He seems like a good kid. Maybe a few complaints. ;)

I can't believe your LNS sold your order. That's ridiculous! Did you get a little huffy with her? That's not very good service. Is she going to reorder them for you, at least?

Great progress on your stocking. It's coming along so nicely!

Carla said...

Great progress on your stocking!
Good luck with this month's goals :)

Sue said...

Your stitching is lovely. Your LNS didn't hold those spools for you? That's terrible since you ordered them ;)

Kate said...

I'd be very cranky if my LNS did that. :(

Good luck for Mac and his surgery.