Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Very Bad Afternoon

I have had better stitching days than I did today. After I posted earlier I went out to my stitching chair and began to work on Geisha. I had been working at a pretty good rate when all of a sudden my cat, Kitty, jumped directly on top of my fabric and wanted me to pet her or so I thought. I was trying to get my fabric out of the way when to my horror Kitty starts having a seizure on top of me and my fabric.

I am used to her having surprise seizures however, this time Kitty lost all control of her bodily functions all over Geisha! I did not notice it until later when I was done comforting Kitty. Agghhh!!!! Yuck!! I did attempt to try and clean it but my queasy stomach could not handle doing that. I want to scream at some one or something and I can't. It isn't the cat's fault that she had a seizure but she doesn't normal jump on me when she is going to have a seizure.

I am so frustrated that this happened as I had planned on giving it to a friend when it was done. I think I will just look for another pattern to do for her. I like the pattern and really would like to have it displayed in my apartment but right now I think I will lay it aside until the memory of this little episode fades.


Carol said...

Oh my Dawn! I am so sorry to hear this - to hear that Kitty is struggling and to hear you lost your beloved piece! I feel so badly, and totally understand your desire to scream!!


I hope Kitty is going to be OK!!


Schokti said...

Oh, Dawn!!! How awful. I hope Kitty is ok. You were making such great progress on Geisha. I can completely understand your stress!


Renee said...

OH NO! Poor Kitty, Poor Geisha, Poor Dawn! *boo hoo!* :(

Cathy said...

Oh No! You must be so frustrated. I know you know it's not your cat's fault, but ugh, how awful. I hope you have a better day.