Monday, August 15, 2005

Rotation Problems

I am beginning to think that I am not supposed to stitch Woodland Faerie! I pulled her out this evening to work on her when looking at the fabric I thought something didn't look right (again!) The first thing jumped to my mind was something Renee had asked me earlier today about how many strands was I using one or two. I had used strands and once I read the directions(when all else fails read the directions!) I discovered that I was supposed to use one strand for stitching over one thread!

Now I know that non-stitchers wouldn't notice the mistake but to me that is a HUGE mistake. I was lucky to discover it right away but I still considered cutting the fabric up into a million little pieces! I am going to put Woodland Faerie back into my stash pile because I really like the pattern and don't want to end up hating it and just letting it become a UFO.

With all that happening I had to ask myself why have I been making some big mistakes lately on my stitching. My only answer to this I could come up with is I recently went from stitching one at a time to doing a rotation with 3-4 projects going. I think my problem is I can't focus on more than one or two big projects at a time. Coming to this conclusion I have decided to toss out my rotation system and go back to stitching one at a time. I might try a rotation system again later but for now I am going to stick with what works the best for me.


Carol said...

Oh, that must be soooo frustrating!! I am sorry the rotation system isn't working for you right now - for sure, it can't be right for everyone :-) I am very glad you are not ditching Woodland Fairie! It is one of TW's prettiest designs and I have been looking forward to watching your progress here. I agree with you, though, it is best to rip and restart because it will look better with the one strand of floss. I saw your pic over the weekend and had not noticed it, though!!

Schokti said...

Don't give up, Dawn! Have a coffee and some chocolate - when you pick up the fairie again, I will be here drooling!