Friday, August 19, 2005

I am about halfway done with Collecting Shells. Last night I managed to finish up her dress and I started to work on her arm this morning. I got a good laugh from Mac last night. He had a rough day so he decided to sit with me in my stitching chair and while I was stitching away he asked me "Mama, why did you stitch her skull?" It took me a moment to figure out that he was referring to her bow in her hair. I tried to tell him that it was a hair bow but he insists that it is her skull. I will have to show him the bow after I have it all finished so that he can see that it is really a bow.


BeckySC said...

Dawn, she is just precious! You are making great progress on her! Congrats :)
Thanks for sharing :)

Lelia said...

Oh how cute. I remember those chats when my children were younger. Lovely stitching project.

Schokti said...

You are zoomin on this one. Very nice job - even if the bow looks like a skull! ROFL!