Sunday, August 28, 2005

SB Round Robin

I have joined a second SBRR. The theme for this one is seasons. The pattern I chose is Four Chair Seasons by Diana Thomas. It will be stitched on 32 count Belfast linen but I haven't decided on a color. I probably will go with white or antique white. I still have time to choose since the first post date isn't until November 15. The other stitchers in this robin are Renee, Nicki, and Laurie. I can't wait to get started on the RR!

As for my first SBRR (all my SBRR's could get confusing!) I got up and moving around early Saturday morning so that I could go to the post office to mail my package to Renee. Here is where it all went wrong. I called the post office that morning to make sure they had the envelopes. A lady answered my question which was "Do you have the envelopes that I need to mail international packages or did I have to purchase one from Wal-Mart?"
She replied that they had the envelopes and it wasn't necessary for me to purchase another one. I thanked her and hung up and proceeded to gather my stuff and run to the bank and then mail the package. When we (Allie and I) get there I thought the parking lot looked a little bare for a Saturday morning. I really didn't think anything of it UNTIL we walked into the post office and realized they were closed. I looked at my watch to discover that it was about 10:30 am! So, I look to see what the working hours are only to find out that they are not open on Saturdays. I was not happy about this. I had ASSumed that they would be open until noon at least but lady I spoke to on the phone could have told me they weren't open for business!

So now I have to go to the post office tomorrow and mail it to Renee. However if the weather is too bad I'm not going anywhere tomorrow. Vash sent her robin to me late last week. I can't wait to get it and start stitching on it for her.


Carol said...

Stay safe Dawn! I am very worried about your area with Katrina barreling down on you right now!!!! Keep in touch so we all know you are OK, and I will keep your whole area in my prayers!

Cathy said...

I hope the weather isn't too bad there, Dawn. I'm sure Renee won't mind getting her RR a bit late if you're stuck in a hurricane. I like the new RR pattern you've chosen, it's very pretty. I have to get on that bulletin board so I can see what's going on!

Kiwi Jo said...

Love the pattern for your RR Dawn. Keep safe!

Sylvie said...

Sounds great Dawn!

Anonymous said...

HELP I bought that pattern of the four seasons chair and I lost the color key could you email it PLEASE!!!
thanks so much m