Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Start on Moonlight

Today is my normal SAL day with Renee but we decided to skip it this week as Renee has a test tomorrow. So, if your reading this Renee....get back to studying! LOL I worked on Moonlight's visit for a bit today. I quickly realized I really need to get the Kreiniks ordered for this one soon as the dragon is most stitched with blends of Kreinik and DMC.

The biggest plus about this design is most of the back stitching is done in one color! That makes it a lot easier to back stitch as I go along instead of waiting until the end.

I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments about Megan. She went swimming again today but she had a surprise visitor. Mom mom's dog, Cleo, jumped in the pool and was trying to catch the water as Megan splashed around. Megan loved it! She laughed so hard she fell over and then proceeded to laugh even harder. She is such a goof ball.:)

Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Your young lady must be quite the sweetiepie. Fell over in water and STILL laughed. That's one special little girl!

Kim B said...

Love that new start! Megan is such a silly goose! Splashing dogs would scare a lot of kids!

Renee said...

Funny... when I called my mom to wish her a happy birthday today and told her I had a test tomorrow, she said almost the same thing as you. "Why are you talking to me if you have a test tomorrow? Get back to studying!" So, yes, "MOM" I'll go back to studying! lol

TammyK said...

Nice start, can't wait to see this one progress. Looks like Megan is having fun in the sun :o)

Carla said...

Great start on Moonlight!