Saturday, June 13, 2009

Megan's Ornament

I had a semi productive stitching day yesterday. I decided the fabric I have will work for my next big piece so I cut the amount (I have a yard of it!) I will need and sewed the edges. It is all ready to go. However, I decided to start on an ornament instead.:)

This one is a freebie from EMS. This odd looking form will eventually turn into a cute babybug...a ladybug with a baby face. When all finished this one will be Megan's ornament for the Christmas tree.

Today is turning out to be a pretty darn good day. The errands are done and the kids are being content which means I can watch some NCIS and stitch for a bit. I hope everyone is having a greet weekend!


Chiloe said...

Cute future ornie but you mean, we won't know TODAY what you chose? :-o How are we going to survive ? lol

Mylene said...

A great start on your new project.
Have a good weekend.

TammyK said...

That's gonna be a cute ornament. I really like Ellen's designs.

Kim B said...

Cute start! I can't wait to see this one finished up!