Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodluck Baby

I suspected last night that I wasn't going to get any stitching done today. I was right. :( The first part of the morning was spent cleaning and laundry and pretty much the rest of the morning was spent being a referee amongst the 3 older kids. Then this afternoon was spent over at my uncle's house attempting to help him with some things on his computer. Seriously, that man should not be allowed to own a computer! I helped him as much as I could and told him he would have to wait on the rest till Mike came home and could help him.

The closest I came to stitching today was taking this progress picture of Goodluck Baby. She still looks a little alienish but she is starting to resemble a babybug.

Megan is still a little cranky. She is teething and if she is anything like her brother and sisters she won't actually cut the first one until her first birthday. Which means months of teething and a lot of long nights for me! I asked the doctor once if it was normal for them to be a year old with no teeth. He told me that the longer that it takes for the teeth to come in the more stronger and healthier the teeth will be. I'm not sure if it is a fact or not but it seems to hold true with my kids.

When it comes to teething I feel horrible for the child. To me there is nothing worse than tooth/gum pain, well, maybe an earache but nothing else! To think Mike laughed at me when I found some teething rings on clearance for 50 cents and I bought 8 of them.......well, he isn't laughing now.:P

I am off to read some more blogs. I am still behind and desperately trying to get caught up. Have a wonderful night!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Poor Megan.... teething is always so hard on the family as well as the baby. Time for some pushup ice cream or even the otterpops... lol

The baby lady bug is looking cute. I need to do one for my youngest daughter.

Kim B said...

I am loving your little bug! I want her for my very own!!!

Cathy said...

A friend of mine suggested frozen bagel halves for teething. You just have to be sure to supervise them if you do that, though, in case a piece should break off.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Megan --- I hope she finds some relief on the teething rings.

Baby Bug is adorable!

Von said...

Poor mama and baby - teething isn't fun for anyone. Mine were late teethers too. :)