Sunday, May 04, 2008

SAL and Goals

It has been a pretty quiet day around here today. I woke up, stitched some, ate something, took a nap, woke up, and stitched a little more. :) Not a bad way to spend the day.

I worked on Harvest Witch today and I am officially halted until the Kreiniks come in.

I'm a little late in posting my goals this month but better late than never.

April Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie-HMPF....still waiting for Kreiniks
2. Work on Egyptian Sampler-Yes!
3. Work on Snowman and Friends Stocking-Yes! Finished :)
4. Work on Tour des Marques-Yes!...but not a lot
5. Work on Harvest Witch-Yes!....again waiting
6. Finish and Mail Blogoversary Gifts-Yes!...sent and received
7. Stitch Freebies-Yes!

May Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie
2. Work on Harvest Witch
3. Work on Egyptian Sampler
4. Work on Tour des Marques
5. Work on Unicorn
6. Start Mine All Mine
7. Stitch Freebies
8. Start Summer's Magic by Dragon Dreams SAL with Renee


Kim B said...

Harvest Witch looks amazing! Sure with those Kreiniks weren't giving you so much trouble though.

Chiloe said...

Are those Kreinick a special order just for you? lol You are almost done now ;)

Anonymous said...

Where are those Kreinik's coming from???? Yikes.

HW is coming along nicely though.

Carol said...

I hope your Kreiniks come in quickly - it can be frustrating to have to wait... wonder what you will show us next, while you are waiting... ;-)

Sally said...

Wow you're having a long wait for those Kreiniks! Harvest Witch looks fantastic.

Lennu said...

Oh what a lovely witch, I especially love the cat, how cute :)

Paisley said...

HW looks great! I hope your Kreiniks come in soon!

Ranae said...

What a fabulous Sunday you had indeed, lol.
I sure hope you get those threads in soon, its been awhile and we cant wait to see this all finished it up, lol.

Mylene said...

Harvest Witch is looking beautiful!

Jenna said...

I sure wish those Kreiniks would come in for you. Harvest Witch is so gorgeous and I can't wait to see it finished!

Sue said...

Here is Harvest Witch, haven't seen her for a while. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Who is the designer?