Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fabric Run Foiled

I worked on Egyptian Sampler today but I haven't finished the back stitching yet. I sort of lost my stitching mojo today. I had planned on running into town and buying the fabby I need to start Mine All Mine. I was going to start this when I finished the border. To make a long story short something is wrong with my car and now it is waiting for Mike to see what I broke on it. Which means I wasn't able to make it to town. :( So it looks like I will be working on ES for a little while longer.

When I say I am "setting aside" or "putting away" for awhile, it normally means I am just putting it away for a week or so. There has been occasions when I have set something aside for months (Woodland Faerie) but generally i just try and stitch on all my WIP's before I work on it again. Also, when I work on a large project I try to work on it for 2 days before I switch to another WIP but sometimes if I am really enjoying stitching on a piece I will just work on that one.

It looks like it will be another quiet evening around here. Mike is bringing dinner home since I didn't make it to the grocery store today. After dinner is over the evening is mine to stitch on ES. Hopefully I can finish that border tonight. :)

Have a good night!


Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that you get your car problem sorted soon. ES is looking great, that border sure looks time consuming. So glad that your pregnancy is progressing well.

Kim B said...

Good luck with the border! Hope you are able to get into town for that fabric soon. And sounds like you have a good WIP system going :)

Sally said...

I hope you get your car sorted soon.

ES is coming along a treat!

Jenna said...

There's nothing worse than not having a working car, isn't there? We have a non-working riding lawn mower at the moment, as the starter blew right when Terry when to start it the other day. And our lawn is looking shaggy!