Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exhausting Weather

I didn't get as much stitched on ES yesterday as I had hoped because we had another bout of severe storms. It was scary for a little bit. Around supper time the tornado sirens went off and shortly after that we lost power. We were lucky enough and didn't have any damage but I have come to the conclusion that Baby does not like mommy getting upset. During all the chaos I started getting sick. Needless to say by 9 PM I was completely exhausted and fell asleep only to be scared out of my skin when the power came back on around 11 PM. I sure don't remember the TV being that loud before the power went out!

At least today was a beautiful day full of sun and temperatures in the upper 60's. Now, that is my kind of weather.:) I will enjoy it as long as possible because on Tuesday we are have a chance for more storms.

I had a pretty good Mother's Day. We didn't do anything special but I didn't have to cook or clean so that made for a great day.:) I did start on Summer's Magic but I'm too lazy to take a picture tonight. The best part is I get to watch the one and only sport we watch on TV. Monster Jam....I love it!! Of course Mike and I root for different trucks..LOL. He roots for Grave Digger aka Dennis Anderson and I root for Maximum Destruction aka Tom Meents. Go Max D!!

I hope all mothers had a great day today! Happy Mother's Day to everyone.:)


Anonymous said...

Glad the worst of the weather spared you.

Your friend, Dee
(The GraveDigger fan) LOL

We're not Monster Truck fans, per se, but when we watch, we root for Grave Digger. Sometimes they have it on at the sports bar we go to. It's almost like being there. LOL

Sally said...

ES looks wonderful, Dawn, and I love the little ladybug fob in your previous post.

Hope the weather stays relatively calm for you.

Paisley said...

Glad to hear you survived the storms. I know they can be scary, especially when the sirens go off!

Nice progress on ES! So much detail when you click to enlarge the photo!

Kim B said...

Phew - that does sound scary!

Sounds like you had a fairly peaceful Mother's Day though! ES looks wonderful!

Sue said...

I just love this piece. Looks like you don't have too much more to do....from here anyways ;)

Sharon said...

Glad to hear the weather cleared finally. These storms have been scary! ES is beautful-great progress!