Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where's my sign?

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Dawn and is:

When comparing large projects versus small projects, which do you get more excited about finishing?

I get more excited about finishing large projects, hands down. After the amount of time I put into a large project I feel that I have earned the right to be excited and dancing all over the place. I still get really excited over small finishes but not as much as a large piece. The best feeling is while working on a large piece to be able to set it aside and finish a small piece and then return to the large piece to finish it.

I was able to start stitching on Jo's RR Monday afternoon. I managed to finish it up last night. I really enjoyed stitching this little bunny for her. This was my first experience with Rainbow Gallery's White Wisper thread. It made the little bunny fuzzy. I hope Jo likes it as much as I do! :)

OKay now for my rant session. First of all in order for this rant to make sense I have to explain my menagerie of animals. As a child I lived on a farm and had several pets growing up on the farm like cats, dogs, squirrels, and even a skunk! If you can't tell I have a soft spot for animals. I was always bringing home a stray and my mom was ready to kill me most of the time.

Since I married Mike we have only had one or two dogs that we actually set out to bring home with us. In the past 14 years we have had so many stray cats make their way to our home that I seriously think I have a sign attached somewhere that says "Any Feral Cats Come To My Home "!

Out of the fours cats we have all but one were strays or being abused. Kitty (the one with seizures) was abandoned by her owner and I couldn't let her starve. Madison(4 mo kitten) was left in an empty apartment with no food or water or even a way to get out for over 3 weeks. Sammis(4 mo kitten) was born to a wild cat and we managed to catch him and tame him somewhat. Elizabeth(the Queen) was given to me by my brother who couldn't take care of the mama and kittens, so in a way she was a stray too. Even my dog, Girly, was on her way to the pound because our friends didn't want her anymore.

I am telling you this in order for you to understand how much this situation I came across today makes me angry. I was sitting in the office stitching away when I heard the distinct sound of a dog chasing something. I jumped up and ran to the door to look outside to see a pitbull dog trying to eat a little kitten. The dog's owner ran down and got his dog but didn't even bother to check to see if the kitten was okay or not!! He just acted like it wasn't a big deal. I ran over to where the kitten was at and luckily I couldn't see any visible signs of injuries but the kitten was in shock. The kitten isn't more than 8-12 weeks old and is so cute! I took her in the house and got her all cleaned up and now she is sleeping on my sweatshirt on the bed. Thankfully there were no injuries on the kitty just the usual problems that a stray has like being underweight and needing to be brushed bad.

My whole issue with this is the dog's owner didn't have him on a leash. I am a dog lover and my dogs are always on a leash when outside. This dog is a danger to everyone near it but nobody thinks that it is a big deal. It will be a big deal when it is a human that is attacked and either hurt real bad or even killed. I am also mad that the owner's aren't even concerned on how the kitten is doing.

Thanks for letting me rant. :) My only other problem is how do I tell Mike that there is another kitty in the house right now? I can already see the hole in the roof where he is going to go straight thru when he finds out.


Kiwi Jo said...

I love the furry bunny Dawn!!! Thanks so much for stitching it for me and I can't wait to see and touch it!

Anonymous said...

You have to tell Mike, of course. But if she's really cute, as most little kittens are, then use her to melt his heart. ;) Besides, once he hears the story, I would imagine he'll understand and hopefully be as rightfully indignant as you are! Do you know the owner of the pitbull? Can you report him to local animal control authorities so that they are aware of the situation? Poor little kitty must have been scared to death!

Nicki said...

The poor poor kitten. I'm so glad you rescued it. I don't suppose the dog owner will care much and it's not really the dog's fault - he's possibly been taught to chase cats. Sadly some dog owners are like that (and I'm a dog lover too, so I understand what you mean)

Unknown said...

You have such a kind heart to take in all those homeless animals. There was an old woman who was killed by a pit bull last year while she was trying to save her dog. This pit bull had always roamed the neighborhood and had caused problems from other neighbors but the owner never heeded the complaints and one day instead of attacking other animals it attacked this little old lady and killed her. I would be very wary of that dog.

mainely stitching said...

How's the little kitty doing now? (And how big a hole did your DH make in the roof?)

Too many pet owners don't take responsiblity for the behavior of their pet, it's undeniable. I'm just glad you were on the scene to save the little fella.

Kitty Couture said...

Dawn, I am glad you took care of that kitty! Poor thing. Bless you kind heart.

Your stitching on Jo's RR is adorable!!

Cathy said...

Dawn, you're so great to help all those animals. When I was in third grade, a pit bull attacked a bunch of students who were waiting outside school. An eigth grade girl came and pulled the dog off of the kids, but one of my classmates was bitten badly and had to have reconstructive surgery on his leg. Those dogs can be terrible. What an awful owner to not even check on that kitty!