Monday, November 07, 2005

I had planned (again) on working on Jo's RR Sunday but earlier in the morning I decided to sew up an ornament but it was too late before I realized I had sewn the hanger/hook on upside down! I could see what kind of stitching day it was going to be so I figured I better not start on Jo's RR instead I worked on Collecting Shells.

I am hoping that tonight(or maybe this afternoon) I can start on Jo's RR.


Anonymous said...

Both projects from this weekend are looking good. I'm sure Jo appreciates your carefulness with her RR. :) You're very kind to be so conscientious!

Anne S said...

Collecting Shells is such a sweet chart - I love this one, and bought it a few years back as a gift for a friend. I always think it's such a 'serene' picture :)