Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Teaching Stitching

Last night my neighbor and her daughter were over visiting when Nan asked me if I would teach her how to cross stitch. She recently quit her job to stay at home full time with Dayza and decided she needs a hobby. We looked and found a very basic pattern for her to try and stitch. She picked out a little strawberry pattern that is only 20 by 20. When she left last night she had everything she needed to start working on it. That is the beauty of stash!

At lunchtime when I saw Nan she showed me that she had it finished and already went to Wal-Mart to buy some more Aida and floss! The strawberry looked really cute, too! I thought it was funny when Nan said that she made a small mistake and I didn't even notice it. In a little while she is coming over to look at my patterns for another one to stitch....Maybe I helped create another stitching addict. :)

I must be doing something right with my Christmas Cactus because it has some flowers on it! It only has about 10 flowers but that is doing great for me. It did have a few more but kitties attacked it one night when we were asleep. That is why he is on my craft table right now because the kitties know better than to get near the table.


Von said...

Dawn, congrats on converting your neighbor to the joys of the needle! A very good friend started me out when I quit working after my first baby was born. I had done some embroidery before, but she introduced me to x-s :)

Anne S said...

Woohoo, another one lured over to the dark side ... or should I say the light side? Feels good to get someone new introduced and involved in stitching :)