Thursday, November 10, 2005

Small Ornies

I want to thank everyone for their comments on the kitty ordeal yesterday. She is doing fine but is still very nervous. I was getting a little concerned as she wasn't eating or drinking anything last night but this morning she did eat a little bit. Originally I had guessed she was about 8-12 weeks old but after her bath I realized I was wrong. She is about 6 weeks old. It is hard to describe her. When you look at her back her coloring reminds me of a porcupine but her tail looks like a raccoon's tail. She has long hair and is so fuzzy. Right now her eyes are a light blue/green color but I am sure that will change.

As for the owners of the pit bull, I actually have had run ins with this dog before and that is why I am so upset at the situation. In town we have a leash law, which I abide by, but they do not. I have seen this dog run loose all day long and when the animal control was called nothing was done. I can count of at least 5 times that this has happened.

Mike actually took the news without going thru the roof. He was furious when he found out. So much as I had to stop him from going over to their house and confronting them about it. Really, what good would it have done?

I spent most of the evening in my stitching chair with the kitten curled up next to me working on Jennifer Aikman-Smith's Christmyth Ornament series. I completed the Unicorn this morning and started on the Dragon. My plan is to stitch up 8 different ornies and then do the finishing all at the same time. I will have to order some Kreinik VFB #4 for them but if the postal service keeps up the way it has been I might end up using good old DMC.


Anonymous said...

Have to be the last one to get the poor kitty news. How is the poor kitty now? I could have shot the dog owner's leg for not keeping his dog on leash but then, that would not solve the problem.

You are like animal angel since you took them in and take care of them. I do hope more owner would be responsible.

Unknown said...

I bet that kitten is adorable. I'm glad she is eating a bit. She was lucky to have found you.