Saturday, April 02, 2005

Trying Evenweave (Again)

I have been reading some blogs and reading how a majority of stitchers prefer to use evenweave versus aida. About a year after I started stitching I had tried eavenweave but it was an awful experience. As I look back on it I just wasn't ready to progress on to eavenweave. I am the type of person if I have a bad experience with something I usually don't try it again. A decade has passed since and I think that it is time to try it once more.

After deciding to give it another try I had to go shopping to find a new pattern and the evenweave.(at least that is the excuse I gave to M. so I could go shopping) . I went to my craft store and spent nearly an hour looking at all the different patterns. I finally decided on Precious Moments World Harmony. It is a book of patterns for several different countries. I am going to do one of the patterns on Charles Craft Monaco 28 count. The first one I do (and hopefully turns out) I will keep for myself. I have a certain friend in mind for the next eavenweave project.

So, if anyone has any advice for me to avoid a disaster with eavenweave please feel free to let me know.

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Renee said...

Start with something small, count slowly and if you aren't sure about your stitch, count again! It isn't that hard... just takes practice. :)