Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Love My Teddy

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I started this project about 3 months ago and finally finished it up over the weekend. It was done on white 14 count aida cloth. This pattern is by Terri Lee Steinmeyer and can be downloaded for free at Janlynn.com. It is a fairly easy pattern and makes a good baby pillow for a boy or a girl. However, the next time I do this one I will change the color of the bear. After finishing it up completely I decided that I did not care for the plaid stripes. I always do the piece according to the pattern and from my finished piece I then decide if I like the colors or not.

This past week I have also worked on my Celestial pattern. I have finished all the cross stitches on it and now I am doing the backstitching. This piece has not turned out as pretty as I thought it would. The major thing that I don't like about it is the backstitch colors. There is a lot of writing on it and the backstitch color is white. It doesn't stand out and is hard to read. That is the beauty of stitching I can make my personal changes to compare to the original piece.

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