Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Good Day

Today was payday so we all know that means it was a pretty good day. What made it better is I only worked 2 hours in the morning so that left my afternoon free with money. This is never a good combination because I usually spend too much money or at least that is what I am told. It was a pretty day and I was in a good mood so I decided that I would go out to the craft store and pick up a cross stitch leaflet that I had been eyeing really hard since I found it when I bought my Precouis Moments leaflet(PM53 World Harmony). That was such a hard choice! I bought it today. It is A Year Of Dreamsicles #2977! I have not stitched any angels before and these ones were so cute I just had to have them. Also, since it is "A Year" of Dreamsicles I have one for every month to do and I will have projects for the next year. I am really excited about stitching these Cherubs. I have already had one friend ask if I could stitch one of them for her daughter(same little girl the Snow White if for).

I am pretty close to being finished with the cross stitching on PM53 World Harmony-International Buffet. All I have to do is some hair in 3371 and the backstitching. It is looking really good. I am impressed on how well it looks on the eavenweave. I have not decided on how to finish the piece (pillow, wall hanging, etc.) I definitely have converted to eavenweave! It does cost a little bit more than aida cloth but I think that it is well worth the price.

I have also started another project for my 7 year old son. He is a typical boy and he loves bugs and dinosaurs. I decided to make him a throw pillow to use when watching TV or playing games. I got these patterns free from DMC (Ant, Beetle, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, and Ladybug). I am stitching them all on one piece of eavenweave with two going across and three going down. I am stitching it on eavenweave so I think that it will turn out really good.

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