Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Welcome to Crafter's Creations

Welcome! I have started this blog mainly to keep track of my progress of my projects. I will talk about 2 kinds of crafts that I like to do. They are cross stitch and crochet. I do a lot more stitching than I do crocheting. I have not done any stitching for a while so for now and until I can get myself in the groove for crocheting.

My current cross stitching project that I am doing is a pattern of Snow White from the Disney Princess Collection. I have been stitching on it for a week. I am about 3/4 done with the stitching. I have about 1/4 of the dress to finish and the backstitching (yuck) to do. I am planning on making it into a wall hanging for my neighbor's daughter. I would like to find some fabric with the Snow White theme but I am not having any luck so far. As a back up plan I am thinking about using a blue material with a pink or yellow ribbon.

My next project that I will start tomorrow is a Celestial theme. I am planning on framing this and hanging it my bedroom. I have a celestial themed comforter that it will match it perfectly. I am planning on using 14 count white Aida cloth. The finished size should be about 10.5x10.5 in.

My style of stitching is a not a normal one. I do but don't work in a rotation. I generally work on a project until I get to the backstitching and embellishing. Backstitching is my least favorite thing to do in stitching. I usually have about 3 projects going at one time.

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