Sunday, March 20, 2005

Resupply Hazards

The Celestial pattern that I am currently stitching is taking a little longer than anticipated. It was Spring Break last week for my three kids so getting five minutes of peace and quiet was a miracle itself. Never fear they go back to school tomorrow and I plan on having a quiet day at the house stitching away with some television to listen. (yes I listen to T.V.) Right now I am half done with the cross stitching on The Celestial pattern. Overall it is not a hard pattern but with the distractions of the kids I have been doing a lot of ripping out and restitching again. I can't wait to get it done and frame it. We are in the middle of redecorating our bedroom. We have painted it "Muddy Water" with white on the trim.

As for Snow White I did finally go to Wal-Mart to get my supply of floss. They did not have my colors I needed. It wasn't much of a surprise to see that they did not have it in stock. This just means I have to go out to the craft store. I love going there just not getting there. It is a little arts and crafts store off of a state highway. So, when you are turning off into the driveway traffic is coming towards you at 55 mph. You can bet that it will be a semi truck that is barreling down on you! However when you turn into the driveway you have to watch out for the "small" pothole that is there. It swallows up my whole Mitsubishi! Leaving the store is just as bad. In order for me to go home I have to make a left handed turn and cross traffic. Keep in mind that it is 55 mph in this area so when you do decide to go for it and push the pedal down you get to sit there and spin out on a gravel driveway until the tires grab. I do all this for a 39 cent item. ( wal-mart sells them for a quarter!). Who would have thought that crafts could be harmful?

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Carol said...

Hi! Your saga of your adventures with going to the craft store had me laughing!! Have you tried using online needlework shops too? Our WalMart is usually lack 3-6 shades I need at any given time too :-)

Carol in NH