Friday, May 01, 2009

May Goals

I want to thank everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post. It is nice to know that I am not the only over protective parent. :) Krissy felt much better today so she went returned to school today. However around 10:30 AM when the phone rang and I saw it was her school I was a little worried but it turned out that all she needed was her track uniform brought to her. Apparently her track meet was today and not yesterday but her coach went ahead and let her participate in the meet today even though she didn't come to practice for 2 days. She did fine but in her last event she took a tumble but got right up and finished the race. She has a line of bruises from her shoulder down to her knees. I can honestly say I remember those days all too well!

I started working on some crochet yesterday but I quickly lost interest in it. I shouldn't really say I lost interest but it was more my hands started cramping up. The pattern I chose to work requires using 3 strands of yarn at once. I guess this rug might take a bit longer than I had thought!

I worked on VCE today and I am happy to report that I am finished the ribbon and leaves tonight. :) Tomorrow I will start on finishing the girl.

It is hard to believe it is May already!

April Goals

1. Stitch page 4 on QS Fairy Tales~Nope, didn't even touch it this month
2. Stitch/Finish 2 Christmas ornaments (need to stitch a total of 13 this year)~I only got one done this month
3. Finish Megan's sampler~YES!
4. Start SAL with Renee~YES!
5. Find a new large piece to start~YES!
6. Find some me time!~Not really

I guess I didn't do so well with meeting my goals this month.:(

May Goals

1. Stitch on QS Fairy Tales
2. Stitch/Finish Christmas ornaments
3. Work on Too Cute with Renee
4. Finish Victorian Christmas Eve
5. Start a new large piece
6. Work on Crochet rug
7. Start sewing Megan summer clothes
8. Prepare myself for the kids Summer Vacation (last day of school is May not ready for that!)

Here is a cute picture Mike took of Megan and I (well not so much of me) blogging yesterday.....she is definitely a future

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Cheryl said...

Cute picture of the mini blogger! It is amazing (and scary) how quickly they grow!

Mylene said...

Good to hear Krissy felt better and able to join in the race.

VCE is looking beautiful and that's a lovely picture of you and Megan.

Have a good weekend!

Becky K in OK said...

That's one cute mini-blogger! Your VCE is so beautiful. Can't wait to see her completely stitched.

ollie1976 said...

Glad the Krissy is feeling better and able to participate in her track meet. Sounds like her nurse is beyond incompetent.

Kim B said...

Megan is getting so big! You did okay on your April goals. I'm hoping for more "me time" for you!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

VCE is looking wonderful. Love the pic.

Unknown said...

dawn love the new progress,i will definately get around to emailing you back tonight, i need to get your new address for megans summer hamper lol

Dawn B. said...

SO you got ya a blogger buddy...LOL Love the progress on the VCE.

Cindy said...

Megan is such a cutie baby. Can't get enough of her photos :D

Sharon said...

Krissy's school nurse sounds a little psycho! What a power trip! I hope Krissy feels better soon. VCE looks fantastic!