Thursday, April 30, 2009

Over Protective Parenting

Just when I say nothing is going on something happens. That is just how my luck runs. To start off yesterday morning Krissy wasn't exactly feeling well when she left for school so it was no big surprise when I got a call shortly after lunch with her telling me to come and get her. What I didn't expect was the school nurse calling a few minutes later screaming at me that SHE decides if a student is sick and not the student. I kept my cool on the phone and told her that someone was already en route to pick her up from school. The nurse then kept on with it saying SHE decides if the student goes home by taking their temperature. My hubby could hear the nurse yelling over the phone so he decided it would be better for him to pick her up. That was okay with me since Megan was napping. Mike handles these situations a little better than me because I will admit I tend to have a very short temper with people, especially if you start off yelling at me. Anyways, once he gets to the school to pick her up he walks into the office and the staff inquired to what was wrong and Mike told them about the nurse not wanting to allow Krissy to go home because she felt ill. Their exact response was "Oh no she (referring to the nurse) didn't do it again!"

Mike was just going to pick Krissy up and leave until he found out from Krissy that the nurse didn't even bother to take her temperature to start off with! That is when he lost his cool...and believe me that isn't a pretty sight! He had to have the nurse called out of a class and she started in on Mike about how Krissy just walked in and said she had already called us and was going home. Problem was Krissy had been in the nurse's office for 45 minutes before she called us and during that time the nurse didn't even bother to take her temperature. The nurse went on about how she see has 1800 kids to oversee at the school so she knows when a kid is sick or not. Mike made it clear that our concern was our one child and we have been around her for 15 years so we know when she is sick and when she isn't and by one look at her face yesterday anyone could tell she was sick. Normally, we probably wouldn't have been so upset but there has been at least one confirmed case of H1N1 flu (swine flu) in the county we live in and we aren't willing to take any risks to our child or the other children at her school. Maybe we are just being over protective but in my opinion I would rather be safe than sorry.

A little bit later when Mac got home from school he hands me a note from the school saying that if your child was showing signs of being ill please do not send them to school and if they show signs of being ill at school they will be sent home from school. Apparently the nurse at Krissy's school didn't get that note!!

Krissy still isn't feeling too well today so she didn't go to school. I know for a fact that she isn't lying about it either because she had a track meet today after school and she was really excited about running in it.

I worked on VCE some more last night but it was too late to take a progress pic. I'm not sure if I will work on it today or not. I was looking through some crochet books that were passed down to me when my grandmother died and I found a cute rug that I think I just might start today and I just happen to have some yarn for it. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Kim B said...

That would have made me livid!

Chiloe said...

With the flu, we all have to be safe; that's why I didn't send Pierre to the speech therapist on wednesday: we never know ... And if we don't stand for our children: who will?

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I have had to deal with many like that nurse. I do not deal with them very well either. (had a day care worker tell me not to listen to my youngest daughter once because she had hurt my daughter... I was only to listen to the older daughter- who never saw the abuse)

I hope Krissy gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like that nurse needs a little refresher on inter-personal relations!

Hope Krissy is feeling better soon.

imnverted said...

What is up with school nurses? My son fell and knocked his head against a door (outside classroom) and all the nurse would tell me is to have someone pick him up asap (wanted him off her hands at all costs). He ended up having a minor concussion.

Hope Krissy feels better soon

Mylene said...

Sorry to hear about what happened with the school nurse.
Hope Krissy feels better very soon.

Von said...

There are some people who just shouldn't be let out of their home. Glad that Krissy is feeling better! Upon returning home this evening I found my 18 yo son in bed with a fever of 101^. Looks like he has the flu - argh!

Sonda said...

This is not the kind of nurse that I plan to be. Makes us all look bad. Hope your daughter is feeling better!!