Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This and That

Hello everyone! :) I promise I didn't disappear again. I managed to come down with a nice little cold over the weekend which makes me so mad because I had done so great and managed to not get sick since before Megan was born. I finally broke down and took some cold medicine yesterday and pulled out QS Fairy Tales and only stitched about 50 stitches (if that!) before I literally passed out with needle in one hand and hoop/fabric in the other hand.

I did feel a little better in the afternoon so I made my way to Hobby Lobby and picked out this fabric to finish Megan's birth sampler. Problem is when I went to get everything assembled I realized I didn't have any batting. Grrr!!

Megan seems to be doing lots better. Turns out it was allergies bothering her. We got her some medicine and she seems to be lots happier now. At least she isn't rubbing her nose and eyes as much now.

Krissy is slowly getting adjusted to her new high school. She has joined the track and softball team. She is really excited about that but she still says there is only 4 cute guys in the school. Typical teenage

Allie's coach has been trying to convince her to go out for track next year but she isn't interested in it....unless one of the Jonas boys is at the finish line.

Mac is still his ornery self. He isn't happy unless he is getting one of his sisters mad at him. Typical Knock on far no signs of any ear infections. Whoo-hoo!!

It is getting close to time for me to head out the door and start the daily routine of picking the kids up from school(s). 3 kids equals 3 different schools which mean I spend about 3 hours getting them all picked up. Good thing is I don't have to drag Megan out and around in the cold as Grandpa John loves his little girl.:)

Have a wonderful day!


Kim B said...

Grandpa John sounds like a winner! And oh those Jonas boys are everywhere these days!

Whats your plan for the sampler? That fabric is utter perfection!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Grandpa John. Everyone should have one of those.

The fabric for you stitched project works great with the design.

Renee said...

Ooh! Pretty! I love the fabric!

Unknown said...

hi dawn :) glad to hear megan is on the mend and you :)

hope the kids get even more settled in the few weeks before easter holidays lol

I love the fabby you got for megans sampler it fits perfectly

well i gotta go to sleep no more hounding blogs for tonight hehe

shel x

Mylene said...

That's a beautiful sampler you had stitched for Megan.

Chiloe said...

You did a great choice with the fabbie: it's really cute and match perfectly the birth sampler.

In 2 years, I will have also 3 different schools :-o I guess that's what happen when kids are not 2 years apart ;-)