Monday, April 06, 2009

Care Bear Sharing

I want to thank everyone that has kept my dad in their thoughts for us. What we have found out that he has a bad heart valve that requires open heart surgery to fix. However, due to the water that he has retained he can not have the surgery until that is lost. They have him on medicine to reduce it and so far he has lost 10 pounds out of the 60 pounds he needs to lose before they will proceed with the surgery. Doc seems to think he will be in the hospital for another 2 weeks at least. My dad is in good spirits (at least at this point he still is!) about the situation but he misses not being able to see Megan. We could bring her up for a visit but he won't allow us to because he doesn't want her to come down with anything and neither do we.

As for stitching......there hasn't been any time for me to do that. :( However, I am going to make a point of doing some stitching sometime tonight even if it is only a couple of stitches.

Last night we had dinner with Mike's dad and his sister so it was late when we got home but Megan still wanted "story time" so I gave in and read a couple of stories out of her Care Bear book. As you can see it really doesn't bother me at all to read to her but normally we do it in the rocking chair but last night we cuddled in bed and read. :)

I loved the Care Bears when I was little so I am quite pleased that I am able to share the "Care Bear Experience" with her. :)

Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

Awwww...what a sweet picture.

Reading to my son when he was little was my favorite part of the day.

Chiara said...

Lovely picture!! great you alreay read to Megan!! maybe I have to start with Giulia :o)

Mylene said...

Sending prayers for your Dad, hope all goes well with him.

Beautiful picture, thansk for sharing.

stitcherw said...

So glad to hear your dad is doing better and they they have been able to identify what is wrong. Hopefully the water will continue to be lost and he can have the surgery soon. What a wonderful picture of you and Megan, she's a doll. My DD loved the care bears when she was little too.

Sharon said...

Hi Dawn, glad to hear they found the scource of your Dad's illness. I hope he feels better soon. Megan's sampler is beautiful.

Kim B said...

What a wonderful picture!

Unknown said...

lovely picture dawn of you and megan :) i loved the care bears as a child aswell :)