Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sampler Finished

It was a crazy day for us yesterday. My step dad had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning as he has been feeling extremely bad lately. He quit smoking about 8 months ago and since then he has been gaining weight. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that he started having some swelling in his legs and feet. He also is the type of guy who HATES to go to the doctor so when Mom made him an appointment to see the doctor we knew he was feeling bad when he didn't object it. So when I got the call from my mom telling me to meet her at the hospital because he was being admitted to the hospital I was freaked out. Let me tell you that was the longest mile and a half trip I have ever taken!

As of right now what we do know for sure is he has an enlarged heart and enlarged liver. He also is retaining water everywhere. Until more tests are done that is all we know for sure. My mom is a strong woman but he is her world and she is very scared (as we all are!). I hate to ask this because ya'll were wonderful when I was pregnant with Megan but please keep him in your thoughts for us.

What do I do when I am stressed? Stitching of course! In between visits to the hospital yesterday I worked on finishing Megan's sampler. I still have some finishing touches to do like cutting the dowel down to fit it and paint it to match the sampler.

Ladybug Birth Sampler
by Donna Vermillion Giampa
from April 2008 JCS
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Chiara said...

Dear Dawn, I hope he will getting better. Congrats for the finishing, it's lovely! I wish you a nice week end

TammyK said...

Ladybug Birth Sampler is absolutely adorable. Love the way you chose to finish it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

Just wanted you to know that prayers, good thoughts, and healing wishes never run out. We'll all be there sending your family all the best no matter what.

Hope you father is doing better today.

Unknown said...

dawn your family are in my thoughts always but i will put an extra special prayer in there tonight.

love the finish in megans sampler now she 2 pretty things to stare at lol

be safe

love shel xo

Kim B said...

I will be praying for your step-father for sure. And your sampler finish is lovely!

stitcherw said...

How scary, I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers that they figure out what is wrong quickly and he's doing better soon. What a beautiful sampler, so cute. You found the perfect fabric for it to finish it off too.

Sally said...

Keeping your step-Dad in my prayers DAwn.

Megan's sampler is gorgeous! You finish it off beautifully.

ollie1976 said...

Hope he gets better quickly. The sampler turned out wonderful. Thank you for your comments about Zeit.

Anonymous said...

Hope your step-Dad will get better soon

Jinger said...

Hope your step Dad recovers soon and that they can find out what is wrong with him.

Cute sampler!

Sonda said...

That sampler looks wonderful!!! Hope you Step-Dad is doing better soon!