Saturday, February 23, 2008

Future WIP's

This week was a pretty slow stitching week for me. After I finished Purrrfect Partners I lost my stitching mojo! I made a small run to my LNS this week and picked up some more linen and a spool of the glow in dark Kreinik threads that is needed for Harvest Witch. I have been dying to know if the the threads do glow in the dark and they do! :) I can't wait to see Harvest Witch all finished in the dark now! LOL

Since I couldn't get interested in stitching this week I dug through my stash and kitted some patterns up. So far here is what I kitted up this week:

1. A Child's Prayer-Calico Crossroads
2. Fairy Roses-Mirabilia
3. Snowman & Friends-Kooler Design
4. Mine All Mine (Mac)-X's and Oh's
5. Summer's Magic-Dragon Dreams (SAL w/Renee)
6. Tour des Marques-The Silver Lining (I blame this one on you, Dani! LOL )

Becky K. asked me a few days ago what breeds of dogs I have. I have to admit I have been shy on saying that Gracie is a Pit Bull Terrier because I do not want the controversy on if they are good dogs or bad dogs. I will say I am a firm believer that dogs are just like humans, they are born good but due to bad circumstances can turn bad. I know Gracie will be a wonderful pet as all of us spoil her with love.

Girly is part Black Lab and part Rat Terrier. I like to call her my Miniature Lab. :) She looks just like a lab except she is only 13 inches from her shoulder to the floor. For a dog with short legs she can move pretty fast when you show her a Frisbee!

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

If there is any consolation, there is no breed called a Pit Bull Terrier. The most common breed called a "pit bull" is the American Staffordshire Terrier.

I worked with the Animal Council in California to protect dogs from discrimination by breed. Any individual dog can be dangerous, but none are dangerous as a breed.

Deanne J said...

Great list. I have Fairy Roses in my list of to dos.

Mylene said...

Your kitted list sounds great.

Have a nice weekend!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh you made me laugh Dawn. If you'd like to I'd happy to have you SAL with me on Mondays!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Good luck getting your stitching groove back! That WIP list should get you moving!

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the breed discrimination. My parents are Rottweiler people and nevermind the fact that their current Rott is falling all over herself to get to people to lick them to death, her little stub tail is wiggling so hard that her whole body is wiggling...some people *freak* when they see her. You'd think they had a badger on the end of the leash!

A Lab/Rat Terrier cross, huh? She's a Lab Rat! LOL!

Sally said...

Nice list there Dawn! Looking forward to seeing some WIP pics.

stitcherw said...

I think kitting things up is fun too, but then pretty much any reason to play in my stash I enjoy. You have some lovely projects ready to start, and quite a nice mix of styles to chose from. Your previous finish Purrfect Partners was so cute, and you're right on the back stitching it sure does make the design pop, especially a MS design.

I agree with you on dogs, most of it does depend so much on how they are raised, socialized, and whether their owners spend the proper time training them. Also, some dogs can decide to be mean for no reason and it doesn't matter on the breed. To condemn a breed because of what people have taught so many of them to act like is unreasonable. Both your girls are adorable.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Purfect Partners is so cute, back stitching does wonders for designs!! Your girls are very cute, love the photo. I agree about breed discrimination, I grew up with greyhounds, alot of misinformed people think that they are vicious, but with the experience that I have had with them I found them to be one of the most placid dogs that I have ever known.

Unknown said...

My coworker didnt tell me her dog was a pit bull for like 6 months because she was worried about breed discrimination too. I agree with you though, dogs are only mean if people teach them to be so.

Leeland said...

I agree 200% about dogs: they're individuals above all. My vet is also a firm believer that good nice dogs have good nice owners.
Your Harvest with is stunning!
I'm sorry about Mac's hearing problems. But now that the diagnosis has been made, and that something can be done, I cross my fingers for him that things are on the mending.
Take care, Dawn,

Cathy said...

From everything I've heard, Pit Bulls are a result of how they are raised. They do have the propensity to be a little rougher than other dogs when they are raised to be so. A group of students at my grade school were attacked by two Pit Bulls when I was in third grade, right outside school, so I have have bit of a fear of them. However, most people who are good to their Pit Bulls will say that they are the most gentle dogs you can have.