Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Border

I made pretty good progress on ES last night. :) I am almost done with section 1! All I have left to stitch is the outer border. :)

Things have been slowly adjusting to Gracie arriving. The kids love her so much that I actually have to rescue her just so she can sleep! At first Allie was not happy about it because she is not fond of dogs. She has never had a bad experience with dogs but she has never liked any other dog other than Girly. However, when she got home from school she ran right past me to find Gracie and pick her up. Krissy and Mac are just as bad, too!

As for Girly, she isn't too sure what to think about Gracie. She is a little jealous but it isn't directed at Gracie. Instead Girly refuses to share her toys with Gracie! LOL...it is actually pretty cute to see. Girly will go and get her ball (a pink and purple ball in particular) and bring it back to her spot and lay down with her paws covering it. So I went and bought Gracie a stuffed toy and now Girly keeps hiding it from her! At the same time if Gracie whines or whimpers Girly is the first one to check on her and if we aren't moving fast enough (at least in Girly's opinion) she will start let you know that you need to move faster.

It looks like it will be a quiet day around here for me. I have to do some laundry but once that is done the day is mine to stitch away. :) I have a small headache today so I'm not sure if I will work on ES or start something small for me.

Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

You are making phenomenal progress on the Egyptian Sampler, Dawn!

Sue said...

ES looks super. Isn't it great to work on a piece you just love?

stitcherw said...

Wonderful progress, and I'm glad to hear that Gracie is settling in with the family so well. Hope your headache is better soon.

Sally said...

You're making fantastic progress on this Dawn!

Carla said...

Wonderful progress Dawn...you're stitching it super fast!
Poor little Girly...I had the same problem with my bullie Gaston he was sooo jealous when we brought Mylo home...but with time they became pals :P