Friday, December 15, 2006

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

Do you have any good Internet links to tutorials for your favorite finishing techniques that you would like to share?

I do use some tutorials but then again I don't. Doesn't make a lot of sense does it? I will read how to make something but I seldom stick to the tutorial.

I have been working on Woodland Faerie this week. I have made some progress but nothing to get to excited about. I didn't make my fabric run last week so I haven't worked on anymore ornaments. I have enough finished now for my family(mom and brother), friends, and teachers.

I'm not sure how much stitching or baking I will get done for the next few days. Tonight I have to go to a concert for the one of the kids I babysit, Monday night is Mac's Christmas concert, Tuesday night is Mike's Christmas party, and the kids get out for winter break on Tuesday! Somewhere in there I have to finish up the Christmas shopping, too!

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