Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chrismas Party

I survived my hubby's Christmas party for work last night. It was held at a local steakhouse. The food wasn't anything to brag about. First of all, why is it in my salads do I always get a big chunk of the core in my salad? I was looking forward to the steak I had ordered so the salad thing didn't bother me too much. I had ordered a drink when to my amazement I was informed that they were out of daiquiri mix and was there something else I would like? Nope, water would be fine.

So far up to this point I have had a sucky salad and no daiquiri (which I had been looking forward too!). As my side I had ordered french fries to be safe and it was a good thing because the steak wasn't very good. They had used way too much pepper on it and it was too pink for me. The only thing I can say after almost an hour wait at least it was warm when it was served.

The rest of the evening went fine. They did their grab bag. It was left up to you if you wanted to get a gag gift or something useful. We bought a sausage and cheese gift box. We ended up with a bottle of rum! Will most definitely find a use for that. LOL

After 3:45 pm today my world becomes all children. My kids get out for winter break today. I had thought they got out yesterday but that was for the little boy and his sister that I babysit. Of course, that isn't mentioning my daughter's friends that will be coming over for visits and sleep overs. I have one word....HELP!

As a matter of fact, I bet that one of the girls either ask to stay with a friend or wants to have them spend tonight. So I am already prepared, we will do some more holiday baking tonight and possible get a DVD to watch tonight. If the choice is left up to me it will be the original "It's A Wonderful Life" but I probably will be out voted.

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