Thursday, November 16, 2006

Will I learn?

I had planned on having a quiet evening and relaxing last night. You would think by now I wouldn't try and plan for a quiet evening because that just means it won't happen. Anyways, I got home around 4:30 from babysitting. The kids got their snacks and started to pick up and do some laundry. About 15 minutes later my FIL shows up. He is having some computer problems and brought it for Mike to fix. He left around 6pm because Mike had to work late. So with dinner and everything it was around 9 before I actually sat down and relaxed!

I did manage to finish stitching the spot on CGF wings and started the beading last night. I didn't get too far since I only worked on it for an hour before I went to bed. I am not sure how much I will get to work on her in the next few days since Mike has to work late and won't get home until after 8:30pm.

Renee and Jenn-thank you for the cards! They really brightened my day.


Unknown said...

I has the same thig happen to me last night. I planned for solid hours of stitching and got caught up with company and helping DH.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you liked the card Dawn. I hope you had a Happy Birthday. :)