Sunday, June 01, 2008

May/June Goals

May Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie-No, missing a Kreinik needed.

2. Work on Harvest Witch-Yes

3. Work on Egyptian Sampler-Yes

4. Work on Tour des Marques-Yes, but only one time

5. Work on Unicorn-Yes

6. Start Mine All Mine-No, still need to get fabby and order Kreiniks.

7. Stitch Freebies-No

8. Start Summer's Magic by Dragon Dreams SAL with Renee.-Yes, but only one time.

June Goals
1. Work on Topaz Fairie.

2. Work on Egyptian Sampler. (I am really hoping to finish this one in June!)

3. Work on Harvest Witch. (Another one I am hoping to finish this month.)

4. Work on Summer's Magic.

5. Work on Tour des Marques.

6. Work on Unicorn.

7. Purchase fabric for Mine All Mine.

div>8. Work on the little one's blanket.

9. Keep kids from driving me crazy when summer vacation starts.

I didn't work on any stitching last night as I was excited to start working on the little one's blanket. Well, let's just say it wasn't very nice. The yarn I bought is a "fuzzy" type and I was having one hell of a time making sure I had the correct number of stitches in a row. After 4 hours of frustration I admitted defeat. Good thing I had a back up plan just in case this happened! I bought some variegated yarn with neutral colors. I know this yarn won't give me problems as it is the same as the one I made for Krissy.

I was happy to work on some stitching today after that fiasco last night .:) Today was Harvest Witch day for me. To look at it you wouldn't think I made any progress but let me say there is a lot of back stitching in this design!

Have a great night!


Kim B said...

Oh Dawn - Harvest Witch looks spectacular!!

Sounds like you did well with your May goals!

Sounds like the back-up plan for the blanket will be a no-brainer :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Harvest Witch is looking wonderful. Good luck with your June goals, especially number nine.

Sharon said...

Your work is amazing!! I'll definately be stopping back in to watch you accomplish your goals! :)

Ranae said...

Good luck with June gaols.
I have said it before and I'll say it again Harvest Witch is amazing, I just love it.

Jenna said...

I know, aren't those fuzzy yarns the worst for keeping count? I tried to do my first knitting project with one of those eyelash yarns and it was so bad that my mother-in-law, who agreed to finish it for me, had to rip everything out and start again. She's such a sweetheart. I can see all of the backstitching that you've already done on Harvest Witch. Really makes all of the details stand out nicely.

Paisley said...

You got a lot accomplished in May! Harvest Witch looks amazing!

Good luck with your June goals. Number nine might be the most difficult, right?

Carla said...

Harvest Witch looks wonderful...keeping me fingers crossed so you can finish it this month...I can't wait to see all stitched up :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work!