Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Stitching Update

I hope nobody has a heart attack but I actually have a stitching update! Saturday and Sunday I had my own SAT. :) I would have rather been at the hospital with my mom but Friday I started not feeling well so I had to stay away from the hospital. As you can see I am just about to the halfway point on Mine All Mine. Yay! However, due my non stop stitching I ran out of DMC 922 which just happens to be one of the main colors. Darn it....now that means a trip to Hobby Lobby. :)

My mom was released from the hospital on Sunday and is quite happy to be home in her own bed! I can't say I blame her those beds are never comfortable.

Have a great day!


Claire said...

Glad your mum is home.Your stitching is coming along nicely:)

Tama said...

It looks great so far!
glad to hear your mum is home safe :D

Shelleen said...

the dragon looks great and glad that your mom is home.

imnverted said...

Your dragon looks wonderful. And I got moving to work on mine!

Kim B said...

I'm glad your mom got to go home. Hospitals are no fun at all. Your stitching looks great!