Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Gift for Megan

Wow 2 posts in one day! I am starting to get a little scared of myself! lol Yesterday Megan received a wonderful package from Michelle. Michelle sent her this gorgeous pink sweater! I know she was concerned if the sweater would fit or not but I was pleased to tell her that if fits perfectly. :) I know Megan loves it because when I tried to take it off of her she started crying and as soon as I put it back on her she stopped and started smiling. I do believe that Megan is going to be a girly girl....which is fine with me as the other 2 girls were complete tomboys until they hit their teens. :)

Thank you so much Michelle!!!

After our little photo shoot today Megan was nice enough to take and extra long nap and let me stitch peacefully until the kids started rolling in from school. I was able to stitch a couple of the presents. If I can keep getting in the same amount of stitching in every day I would be done with the stocking within a week. Notice I said if .....I am not holding my breath on that one but it would be nice to have this one finished so I could move onto something different.

Have a great evening!!


Aussie Stitcher said...

You must have been so worried about your Mum, I hope that she has fast and smooth recovery from her operation. Megan is adorable and jumper is beautiful.

Claire said...

What a beautiful jumper and a gorgeous little girl Megan is.

Unknown said...


Kim B said...

Beautiful! And she looks sweet in it!

Ranae said...

What a little sweetie and the sweater is gorgeous.
Michelle is very talented and generous