Thursday, July 02, 2009


It was an extremely quiet day around here today. Allie and Mac went to my brother's house for a couple of days so that just leaves Krissy and Megan at home with me during the day. Quiet days always means I can get some stitching done! Which is exactly what I did today. :)

Megan has been somewhat of a handful lately. The update on her crawling is she is up on all fours and rocking but hasn't taken that first attempt at actually moving on her hands and knees. Now as for scooting, she has mastered that skill! Which brings me to a questions.....Why do little kids find the pet food and water irresistible?! I can't count how many times I have caught Megan reaching for a piece of dog food or trying to dump the water bowl over herself.

I have been able to brag what a great baby Megan was and how she never cried. That has been changing. She has discovered how to voice her likes and dislikes. Mainly just her dislikes and believe me when she doesn't like something, she really doesn't like something! The past day and half her dislike has been her formula. I have no clue why either. I can get her to eat her cereal mixed with formula but to give her straight formula, well that just isn't happening. Instead she wants ice water. My first thought was she wanted it because she is teething but she is actually drinking all of the water gone and not playing with it. If she keeps it up we might have to think about starting her on milk.

Have a great night!


Cathy said...

I had to laugh at the pet food obsession. I swear, Evie's hair was never shinier than after she'd snacked on the cat food! I'm counting down the days (just 24 more) until we can start Timmy on milk. Formula is so stinking expensive!

stitcherw said...

You've made good progress on this, and your HAED is moving along as well. I love taking pictures of projects like that, as then I can see that I really am making headway when I begin to doubt that I am. Good luck with Megan, sounds like she's really beginning to find herself, between scooting, finding the pet food and water, and voicing her displeasure with her formula, sounds like she's keeping you busy. :)

Sally said...

You're making good progress Dawn.