Wednesday, July 02, 2008

June/July Goals

June Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie. No
2. Work on Egyptian Sampler. (I am really hoping to finish this one in June!) Yes!!!
3. Work on Harvest Witch. (Another one I am hoping to finish this month.) Yes a little
4. Work on Summer's Magic. No
5. Work on Tour des Marques. No
6. Work on Unicorn. No
7. Purchase fabric for Mine All Mine. Yes! and started stitching on it.
8. Work on the little one's blanket. Yes! Finished the afghan
9. Keep kids from driving me crazy when summer vacation starts. So far so good. :)

* I did finish one baby quilt this month.
* I started the 2nd quilt this month.

July Goals

1. Work on Topaz Fairie.
2. Work on Unicorn
3. Work on SAL Summer's Magic with Renee.
4. Work on Mine All Mine.
5. Work on Chris's RR.
6. Work on Baby B's quilt.
7. Start Baby B's afghan.
8. Start Baby A's Christmas stocking.
9. Start on Allie's quilt.

Cathy asked me why the doctor didn't suspect twins before the ultrasound. Actually, I asked this very question, too!! I was told since I had no history of twins, my weight gain had been minimal, and my fundal height wasn't large that when they found one heartbeat that they basically ASSumed that there was only one baby. In a way, I am glad that I found out later in my pregnancy because the doctor would have put me on bed rest right away after finding out about twins. As for the length of my cervix, I am still waiting to hear the results. When I asked about it he couldn't find the report in my file so I may end up having to go back for another ultrasound. These little mishaps are a part of why I am switching doctors.

As for stitching, I am still working on Mine All Mine. I almost have the dragon's head finished. Sorry for the lack of progress pictures on this piece but I can't iron my pieces from bed. :(

Have a great day!


Charlene said...

It good to have a goal that been set for stitching. I'm not discipline enough to follow my goal. Just stitch what I like and follow my mood ... :D

Jenna said...

No ironing necessary for progress pics, you know. It doesn't have to be perfect to show progress!