Saturday, November 17, 2007

Elliot the Snowman

Last night I was able to give a little Christmas present to my friend, Mindi. I know it is early but Mindi loves the Christmas holiday so I knew she would really enjoy it and she did. The design is from Full Circle Designs and is a current freebie called Elliot. I stitched it one over one on 32 count Opalescent fabric. I finished it into a box for her to keep some little goodies in it for her kids. I enjoy spoiling her with my stitched things as she appreciates them and displays them. As I have said before (at least in my opinion) that is the best way of complimenting me. :)

I did attempt some stitching late last night and got a few stitches in but nothing major. I started a new little pattern from Funk & Weber Designs and is called Colorful Critters Tree Frog. This one is for my little guy. He is frog and bug crazy. He has loved them since he was about 2 years old and I kept thinking it is just a phase and he will outgrow it. Well, 7 years later he still loves them so I don't think it is a phase anymore. I will be finishing this one into a box for him. Since he is all boy I do tend to worry things I make for him will get destroyed so I tend to try and finish him things that are sturdy like pillows. I think the box will work for him as he likes to have boxes to put his money in and hide. Strange I know but he doesn't like to put his money in a piggy bank.

On a completely different note, Mac's school sent a note home this week saying he failed his hearing test. I get this letter EVERY single year from his school. Mac was born 10 weeks early (2 lbs 11 ounces) and has had problems with his ears from the day he was born. His ears produce too much ear wax causing him lots of ear problems. I really don't think that it is directly related to him being premature since his dad has the same ear troubles but the doctors insist that it is from his premature birth. Anyways, when his ears are wax free and his allergies are fine and he has no ear infections his hearing has been tested and his hearing is completely fine. I don't mind the letter coming home saying there is a problem but after 5 years......of me taking him to his regular doctor to get a referral to have a hearing test taken, then having that doctor fax papers to the school saying his hearing is perfect and did they bother to inquire before they test if the child had allergies or an ear infection at that time..... it is getting really annoying! Seriously, how hard is it to ask a 9 year old child if they have an ear problems before you attempt to test a child?!

So Monday morning I get to call and make an appointment with Dr. L to have his ears looked at again. He will wash his ears out, give him some ear drops to put in, and a date to to have a REAL hearing test taken. With Thanksgiving next week I am not sure how soon we will get an appointment to be seen.

I think I have bored you enough for today. :) I am off to go dig out my stitching stand!


stitcherw said...

Your box looks wonderful, Elliot is an adorable snowman. Love the frog pattern too, so bright and colorful.

Sorry to hear you're having to do all the running around again just to give the same information to the school as in prior years. It does seem like someone could make a note in his chart. Can you work on the cute little frog while you're waiting at the various offices? I'll bet he'd enjoy watching it develope as you stitched it, and knowing that it would be for him when done.

Chris said...

What a cute snowman. The box turned out really well.

Anonymous said...

Your box is gorgeous with this cute snowman.

Jen said...

The box is really cute.

My son had similar problems. But his problems were mainly due to allergies. His hearing has improved greatly since he had his tonsils and adenoid removed. Now he doesn't suffer from the usually infections that follow. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job finishing the snowman. If you finish the tree frog into a box, might I be able to post a picture in my newsletter and on my Web site? Full credit to you, of course. Pretty please?

It's great to see the different ways stitchers alter, adapt, and creatively finish patterns. I think your work would inspire and motivate others to try something new.

I'm so glad you're stitching it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cheers to you!

Jen Funk Weber

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Elliot is adorable. I love how you finished him.

Ranae said...

This little box turned out great.
I do hope Mac ears are o.k.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

The little Elliot box you did is great. So sorry Mac has to deal with the ignorance of the school authorities. Happy Frog Stitching.

Von said...

Dawn is another doctor visit required by the school, or would a quick chat with the school nurse save you that hassle? It does seem silly to go through the same rigamarole every year!!

Karin said...

Your box is so sweet - and hopefully DS will have an uneventful second hearing test.

Sharon said...

Cute snowman box!