Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ornament Tree

I survived the day of running around with the kids and even stopped by my LNS. Like everyone else, I had to get my copy of the JCS Ornament issue. I also brought my stockings in to show Sara (LNS owner) and another stitcher fell in love with it so I helped her locate the pattern. I love enabling stitchers:)

However, that wasn't my main reason for my visit. I went there to talk to Sara about the Annual Diabetes Ornament Tree. Last year I wasn't able to make an ornament for the tree but I did make a donation and got the cutest ornament and an awesome packet of freebies. I encourage everyone to make an ornament and/or make a donation to this great fundraiser!
(This is the ornament I got last year)
I didn't work on any stitching last night but I did find time today to finish the project I started the other night. I think it turned out cute so it will be going in an exchange. While I was in the middle of finishing the finishing on that one I thought of another possibility for an exchange so I will be starting that one tomorrow but I am not so sure if it will work or not. It is a finishing technique I have admired but have never tried so it may not turn out so great.
I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!


Becky K in OK said...

Glad you survived your traveling! I took a look at the Diabetes tree. I think I'll try to do an ornament since I have the disease. Thanks for posting your LNS' address. I have a cousin that lives in Rogers! I should go see her and of course the shop.

Kate said...

Trying new finishing techniques can be daunting, but it's always worth giving it a go! The ornament tree sounds like a great idea.

Hazel said...

Thats beautiful and a lovely finish! Sorry I have missed loads of your blogs!! You have been really busy. Some great finishes too. xx

Dawn B. said...

Congrats on the finish and I'm gonna check out that sight. Thanks for the link.