Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July/August Goals

I can't believe it is the end of July already! Not that I am complaining, since it does mean the kids go back to school shortly...20 days to be precise but who's counting..lol.

July Goals
1. Mail freebie exchange to Karin.
*Mailed and received.
2. Work on Above the Clouds.
*I worked on a couple of times but not as much as I would have liked.
3. Work on Geisha
*Worked on her a couple of time, also.
4. Work on Mine All Mine (John)
*Yep, finished him just in time
5. Work on My Gifts
*Yep, finished all 5 and mailed out 2 of them. Just waiting for them to arrive now.
6. Work on Summer Arches.
*Sadly, no they have been put on the back burner right now.
7. Work on PIF gifts
*Sort of, since no interest in the PIF I will be doing some RAK's. I have 3 of them finished.

August Goals:
1. Mail Monochromatic exchange
2. Mail Redwork Exchange
3. Mail Tin Topper Exchange
4. Mail the last 3 My Gifts
5. Mail RAK's
6. Start and finish Britty Puppy Stocking for Krissy.
7. Work on Geisha
8. Work on Above the Clouds
9. Start on Halloween Exchange for the EPBB.
10. Start on Halloween Exchange for the SBEBB.


Unknown said...

Very ambitious goals. I hope they all work out.

Carla said...

It seems like your going to be very busy in August! Good luck on your goals :)

ollie1976 said...

looks like you did well for July-hope you do just as well in August.

Ranae said...

Good Luck on all the goals.

Hazel said...

Dawn!!! Thank you so much for my gift!!! I feel so blessed by it. I have never owned a needleroll and it is so precious to me. Thanks also for the threads and chart - very unexpected extras. I will be posting a pic later. Thanks so much. Yours is on its way. xxxx