Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a Week!

All I can say is what a crazy messed up week it has been for me! It all started last Friday (Jan 7) when Krissy got sent home from school with Pink Eye. I quickly got her an appointment to be seen at the doctor's to get some medicine so she wouldn't miss too much school or work. Well, Dr. R came in the room and looked at her and said that it was Pink Eye (which I already knew!) and that he wasn't going to give her any medicine because it would go away on its own. I was not a very happy person because this now meant Krissy would miss some school. Her grades are very good but I still don't like my kids to miss school unless necessary. Before we left the doctor's office I had to make her another appointment as she has something going on with her wrist. You can look and see there is a very prominent bump and it is causing her pain. (And no the Dr would not even look at while we were there on Friday!) The Townsend luck kicked in over the weekend and we got 9 inches of snow by Monday so school was called off and the doctor's office called to reschedule Krissy's appointment because they were closing the office down early on Monday.

Meanwhile, Krissy's eye was getting worse and I know that I was going to have to take her back in to the doctor's office. Wednesday morning I call the school to get Krissy's make up work because I know she wasn't going to be back to school that week. HA!!! Who knew that you HAVE to miss 3 days before they will let you pick up homework! I tried to explain to them over the phone that she wasn't going to be at school because she still has pink eye. They said nope she has to be absent for 3 days before they will get it for her. Needless to say as I hung up the phone I was slightly cussing the school. Anyways, I take her to her appointment and the first thing Dr. R says to her when he sees her is her eye isn't getting better and she needs meds. Duh!!! So he writes her a prescription and gives her a note to be excused from work and school for the rest of the week. He then starts to leave the room when I thank him for looking at her eye, but that wasn't the reason for our appointment today, her wrist is the reason! He looks at her wrist and x-rays it and says that they wasn't any fractures (again Duh!!) and he couldn't see anything wrong with her wrist....even though when he would press on it she would nearly jump off of the table in pain. Again, I am frustrated but thankful we at least got some meds for her eye to get better.

I take her doctor's note up to the school showing that she was going to be absent more than 3 days so I could get her homework! And they still gave me grief over getting it for her!! It was not till Friday (almost a week later!) before I got her make up work and then it still wasn't all of it. When I got home from getting Krissy's homework I was greeted at the door with hubby saying we had a problem. Krissy now had white spots all of her throat! Ugghhh!!! Back to the doctor's because I thought it looked like Strep throat. We are in our little room when the doctor walks in and looks at Krissy and says her eye looks a lot better. I said yes it was but we were there because she has white spots on her throat! He looked at it and the Strep test came back negative but she definitely had some sort of infection going on so he wanted to due a throat culture and see what it said. So we got more prescriptions and headed home and I thought that was the end of doctor visits. LOL....I was wrong!!!

Friday evening when hubby got home from work he sat down in the recliner when "something" in his back popped really loud. By bedtime he could hardly even walk. He didn't get any sleep that night so Saturday morning we were back at the doctors. They are open on Saturdays but our regular doctor wasn't there so we had to see another doctor. After the doctor poked, prodded, and took x-rays we were delivered with the news that hubby has a herniated disk, bone spurs, and the disk is deteriorating. Lovely. The next step is to have a MRI done to pinpoint exactly which disk(s) are affected. However, he did warn us that Mike may have to have shots directly into the spine to reduce pain and swelling but until he can have the MRI done Mike has to take medicine to try to bring the swelling down and major pain pills to help with the pain. Actually this diagnosis doesn't really surprise either one of us too much. Hubby has been hit by 4 cars and struck by lightening so something had to give eventually.

So, you can see why this week I haven't been able to get any stitching done! I am hoping next week isn't quite so busy with Dr. appointments.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Hugs to everyone Dawn, hope your family are ok and everything gets sorted. Don't wear yourself out though, take a few minutes for you x

Jenn L in Chicago said...

Oy!! I hope everyone feels better soon and you don't come down with one of Krissy's infections.

Also it sounds like it's time for a new doctor. I have NEVER heard of a doc not prescribing gentamycin immediately with a pink eye diagnosis. And not to do anything when she's in obvious pain when he palpates her wrist??

Chiloe said...

I'll try to get another doctor too. :-(( I can't believe it didn't give her anything for the pink eye. ( it rarely get better on its own ... )

Hope your hubby is going to get better soon.

Shelleen said...

sorry for all the health problems. I would find a new doctor for your daughter. My kids have had pink eye and they were given eye drops right away. Because of it being very contagious they are also given antibiotics.

Sonda said...

My goodness, did he get his medical degree out of a crackerjack box? I'm sorry about your horrible's it all going now?