Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Late Saturday night it started snowing and hasn't stopped yet! So far we have about 7.5 inches of snow. What does that mean? Yep, no school for the kids today and tomorrow. :( Krissy and Allie weren't brave enough to go outside...but Megan and I were!

Megan loved the snow. She kept picking up handfuls of snow and saying "ready, set, go!" and then tossing it up in the air. She didn't like the idea of making a snow angel.....maybe next year. I did take her on Mac's sled 2 times.....she laughed the whole time but didn't want to do it again. Another thing she really liked was catching snowflakes on her tongue. :) After about 45 minutes I was ready to go in and get warm (I didn't have snow pants like her!) but Megan didn't want to go inside! I was such a mean Mommy and scooped her up and made her come inside to get warm. She was pretty mad until she realized that I had hot chocolate ready for us, then everything was okay. lol

Since tomorrow is another snow day for the kids AND hubby has the day off I might to get to do some stitching! :D

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