Sunday, October 04, 2009

Little Stitching, Lots of Games

I didn't get a lot of stitching done this past week because it was a blur of softball games, concessions stand food, and lots of shivering! Thursday and Friday's games were miserable for everyone. It was terribly chilly, windy, and rainy. Normally, I love that kind of weather but not when my butt is on a frozen, wet bleacher. Thankfully the end of the season is basically next week. There last home game is Tuesday and then it is off to Lincoln for districts at the end of the week. State games are the week after that but it all depends on how well the girls do at District games.

My HAED wasn't calling to me this week so I started and finished a small design from Sheperd's Bush. It is called Pine Needle Roll. I have started finishing it into a needle roll. All was going fine until it came to doing the hem stitching. This is one stitch I can't seem to do automatically which means I really have to pay attention to what I am doing or I end up messing up. Which I did no less than 4 times tonight! So, I have put it away, and hopefully tomorrow things will go a little smoother for me. :)

Pine Needle Roll
from Sheperd's Busch

Have a great night!

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Carla said...

Beautiful stitching, Dawn!