Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fob Finishes

Where did the day go? I spent most of it in the Principal's office signing tons of paperwork for Mac and Krissy to be enrolled in school. I ended up with writer's cramp but it was worth it. All three will be going to school tomorrow....whoo-hoo!

Allie did start her classes today. Apparently she had a pretty good day because she asked me to drop her off a few minutes early so she could talk with some of her new classmates. I am very relieved it went well for her. I just hope Krissy and Mac's day tomorrow goes as smoothly for them.

Here are a designs from Lizzie*Kate that I whipped up into fobs. Both are stitched one over one....I have been on an over one kick lately.

#138 It's A Girl Thing!
by Lizzie*Kate

I still didn't get to my needle tonight. *sigh* At some point I know this craziness will settle down but can't it happen quicker? Megan starting not feeling well around 6 pm tonight. She woke up from a nap cranky and that is not her normal thing. She kept insisting she was hungry even though I knew she wasn't. Even the magic "Mama Blankie" wasn't soothing her so I gave in and let her have a small bottle. It came right back up.....all over me. She finally calmed down for a little bit and then I heard the problem...grunting. I gave her a few minutes to finish her job and went to change and to my horror she blew out the diaper and her clothes. It was one you didn't mess around with trying to change with wipes. She went straight into the tub which didn't make her happy at all. However, she does like it when I put her lotion on so she managed to get into a better mood. She is sleeping contently right now so hopefully she won't wake up cranky in the morning.

Speaking of cranky, that is what I will be tomorrow if I don't head off to bed soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and Happy Stitching to all. :)


Kim B said...

Oh I do hope she is feeling better tomorrow! For her sake and your's! Explosive diapers...yikes!!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Love the fobs...

Hope Megan is feeling better tomorrow!

Mãe da Rita said...

Hi, I discovered you just when the birth of Megan was close and I think I never commented because it were busy days for you. I've been thinking about what happened to you while you're «out», moving!! I'm glad you and your nice family are ok, I'm very found of your blog, it's interesting reading about a big family with a mother who does such a beautiful work, I love your fairies and other works. Visit me, if you can, there's a translation function that will make you laugh... I'm from Portugal, I'm a teacher and I have a single girl with 3 in June. I love cross stitch but I have only a small time. Hugs, have a nice week-end (I hope you'll manage to get your needle today and tha M. will be fine). MJ

Sally said...

I do hope Megan is better today.

Lovely fobs!

Chiloe said...

I hope school went fine for Mac and Krissy. I also hope Megan is fine today.

The fobs are very gorgous ;-)

Unknown said...

hi dawn hows meg today? hope shes better :) i love your fobs and i so want those charts may top up my debit card and purchase online lol...

have a good day chat you soon

ps - its sooooooooooooooo good to see you blogging on a regular basis again

love shel xo

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.