Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progress Pictures & A Gift

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post. :) I know it was a little surprise to find out that we had moved (again!) but we had been thinking about it for a long time. Originally we moved to Arkansas to be closer to Mike's family but as I predicted his family snubbed us after Mike's mom passed away. It became quite clear after the loss of Morgan and Megan's arrival that nobody gave a crap about us because even after telling them the news they NEVER bothered to call, email, or even attempt to stop by and see Megan. They also weren't concerned about Mac and his surgeries even after he had a seizure on the operating table. After that I/we decided that we would rather be around family that actually cared about us. As far as I am concerned it is their loss and not mine. Believe me, I won't lose sleep over it.

As I promised here are some more WIP's that I am working on. This one is Fairy Roses by Mirabilia. I am at a stopping point on this one as I need to buy the Kreiniks and beads. I have found a couple of new LNS here in Omaha but I haven't had the time to go and see what they have.
I also started Fairy Tales from Heaven and Earth Designs. This one is a freebie located here. I am stitching this with 2 threads over 1 on 25 count fabric. So far it has been pretty pleasant to stitch.

Now, this next picture, is a gift to Megan from Shel. I don't know who loves it more Megan or me! I think it is a beautiful pillow and Megan is totally fascinated with the design. She also sent Megan a couple of outfits and some onesis which were so cute. I can't thank you enough, Shel!! Thank you! :)

I still didn't get to pick up my needle today as I spent most of it trying to get the kids enrolled in school. Allie gets to start class tomorrow but it looks like Krissy and Mac won't start till Friday. I am ready for them to start Actually they have been wonderful with the move. They haven't complained too much. :) That doesn't mean that they haven't complained. Remember the girls are teenagers! LOL
Well, it is time for Megan's bath....a chore she isn't exactly too fond of yet. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
Happy Stitching!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your WIP's are gorgeous....

The pillow for Megan is so cute... Shel did a wonderful job!

Unknown said...

I really meant to comment on your post yesterday, but I got away from it, and it got away from my mind. :-)

I understand about moving close to family who appreciates you...that is probably why we live 45 minutes from my parents instead of 45 minutes from my IL's. And like you's their loss. They're missing out!

Glad to see you back in BlogLand. :-)

Kim B said...

It's their loss. It's wonderful to be near caring, loving, supportive family. You deserve that.

Your projects are amazing! And what a sweet pillow!

Unknown said...

I totally understand your family issues. It's why we have spent the last 35 Christmases (almost) with my husband's loving family and none with mine. Good choice to move. If your family loves your husband half as much as my inlaws love me, then he will be a lucky man.

I also understand the pain of moving teenagers. I had 26 houses before I went away to college. I was in three different high school systems. Just let them know that you love them and that the change of scenery will make them stronger, more well rounded individuals. By the time they go to college they will probably make friends with people from all over the country (or even all over the world), even if they attend a local school.

Best wishes to your family, your new house and your stitching mojo. Someday I will stitch that lovely geisha I got because I saw her on your blog.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I have been thinking about you, glad that the move went well and that it puts you closer to your family. Megan is a cutie and is doing so well.

Stitchingranny said...

lovely wips, and what a pretty pillow - no wonder Megan is enchanted with it.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

If I could be closer to my Mom...or at living in the same town I would :) So I understand why you chose to move...

Such lovely WIPs you have...good going you!

Shel's gift is gorgeous! Hope the bath went well! :o)

Unknown said...

hi dawn thanks for the email yesterday with the pics i love them! she is uch a cutie...i will email a reply in the next few days

shel xo

hugs to megan :)

BeckySC said...

DAWN!!!!!! I didn't have your blog in my Google Reader (I am slowly adding to it after deleting it last year while taking a break) I was SO happy to see a comment from you :)

WOW, you have been busy with some lovely pieces :)


Shelleen said...

beautiful job especially on the fairy.

Von said...

I was so happy to see your blog was updated and then I find out that you've moved! No wonder you've been away from us. :) Sounds like it was definitely a wise thing to do. Best wishes to you all as you settle in.