Saturday, March 08, 2008

Drawing Winners

I had a busy morning of grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and laundry. However, a little bit ago, Mac drew the names of the winners of my blog gifts.:) And the winners are......

Ladies, please email me (msgal28 @ with your address information. I can't wait to get started!:)


Chiloe said...

Oh !!! I won something !!!! Waow! Waow!!! Great! Give a thank you kiss from me to Mac for picking my name : what a wonderful boy ;-) I'll email you now or I may forget !!! lol

Anonymous said...

Wow from me too. Thanks, MAC!!!

Now that's a great way to start my mroning!

Kendra said...

Holy cow, I won something! Thanks a bunch, Mac! :-)

E-mail will be on the way shortly!

(sorry it took me a day to get to online time has been quite sporadic this week...)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you, ladies! :)