Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Stitching

I didn't get anywhere close to the amount of stitching I had planned on doing this weekend. :( I had grand dreams of getting much needed progress on QS Fairy Tales but those dreams were dashed by a mean, ugly, green frog! *Sigh* C'est la vie. However, I did manage to get a few more stitches in Home of a Needleworker from LHN. I like this design because it is a simple one to stitch and after the attack of the frogs I needed an easy pattern to stitch! :)

Today was a glorious day! The kids went back to school.....and so far no threat of bad weather to keep them home! :D Also today, we received letters from Devin. :) He graduates from boot camp in a little less than a month (26 days from the date he sent the letter...LOL) and then he goes to Oklahoma for more training.

I have recently started using a new way to search with Swagbucks. So far, it doesn't seem like a bad thing. I do my normal searches and I earn Swagbucks to spend on prizes. I haven't redeemed any Swagbucks for prizes yet but I plan to in the near future. :) It's free so why not give it a I will get Swagbucks for any referrals. :)

Search & Win


Kim B said...

I love LHN not only for the sweet designs but for the basic elements of their designs as well. After a froggy weekend, I would thinking LHN would be a nice simple way to recover. So glad those kids went back to school so you and Megan could relax!

Sally said...

Your LHN looks lovely so far. It's always nice to have something that is simpler to stitch:)

Laural said...

Boo to frogs! I do like your LHN project! I have it but just still haven't picked it up.

stitcherw said...

Sorry the frog has been such a visitor lately. Hopefully he is gone (and stays gone) soon. Love the design Home of a Needleworker, I'll enjoy watching your progress.

Jenna said...

I'm sorry that you had an outbreak of frogs, but you did yourself an incredible service by taking the time the frog everything and restitch the offending section. That kind of thing can really steal your mojo, if you let it! Way to go!