Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have a few minutes to post some things so I figured I would. First of all, I miss all of my blogging friends something fierce! I didn't realize how much I looked forward and enjoyed blogging.

We are settled into a nice 3bedroom/2 full bath place in a itty bitty town called Avoca. It is so small that they don't even have a school so my kids go to school in the next town (Rogers). I literally live in the woods. I can't even get a cell phone reception! I love being able to walk outside and not have any neighbors. The drawback is I have to drive for about 20 minutes to get into the next town and even further to get to the grocery store. I haven't found a good LNS yet. There was one here before but I guess it closed down about a year before we moved back. *sigh* just my luck!

I have been stitching a lot since I haven't gone back to work. I finished up The Fortunate Traveler by TW. It turned out awesome! I wish I could post some pics but I forgot to bring them with me to my friends house. I also have completed some small things like Wish Upon A Star by J.Aikmen-Smith and the beginner whitework from TW. I am about 1/2 done with Woodland Faerie by TW. I think my next big project will be Footprints by TW.

As for the daily things in my life things have been okay. Last week Krissy was in the hospital for a blood transfusion. She had uncontrollable vaginal bleeding and passed out 3 times in my bathroom so we flew to the ER. She ended up having 4 pints of blood and 2 pints of plasma. I didn't sleep for about 3 days until she was out of danger. Luckily, she is all better now. She is now on estrogen 3 times a day and iron twice a day. She will be on the iron for at least a year.

Allie and Mac are both doing great. Mac loves living in the woods because he finds all sorts of critters and bugs. We have a constant supply of lizards and tree frogs. All three are looking forward to school starting on Aug. 21. Actually I don't know who is looking forward more them or me! :)

I am going to browse a few blogs before I head out so I not sure when my next post will be but you can be sure all of you are in my thoughts daily.


Unknown said...

It sounds like you have been so busy! I can't wait to see your Fortunate Traveler. What a terrible scare you had with your daughter. I've had anemic episodes myself, but nothing like that. I hope she's feeling better. Best of luck settling into your new home, it sounds beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful finishes. :) Poor Krissy! That would really freak me out. I hope that she's much better now.

I would love a place buried in the woods with no neighbors. I hope that you are really enjoying the peace and quiet. And you will even more when the kids start school again! ;)

Nicki said...

I'm glad to see you're OK Dawn :) But what a scare for Krissy. Hope she recovers soon.

The woods sound beautiful - how peaceful. But I'd like a shop a little closer. It's nice to be able to walk to the dairy for essentials! :)

cathymk said...

Dawn, congratulations on finishing Fortunate Traveller!! I bet it looks just wonderful!

I hope Krissy is feeling better, it sounds like she had a really traumatic time there.

Good to hear you are all settled in,

Kitty Couture said...

Oh Dawn, we've missed you!! It's lovely to read you again. I hope Krissy is better, how scary that must have been for you. Take care! :)

Cindy said...

Great to see you are back, Dawn. Hope Krissy is better now.

Carol said...

Welcome back Dawn! I missed you and your blog so much! I am glad to hear you are now settled in - just need to find that LNS now! Thank goodness for internet shops though! Thanks for blogging and letting us know you are well!

Bastet said...

Hope Krissy is feeling a bit better by now. I've had issues but not that type.
Can't wait to see pictures of what you've been up to. Glad to hear that all considering things are going great. Take care!

Sasha Farina said...

Pls send my hugs to Krissy!! Missed you :)

Von said...

So great to "see" you again!!

What a scary thing to go thru with Krissy. Glad she came out of it o.k. and pray it doesn't happen again!

Hugs! :D